Holy Week and Easter 2017

Dear Friends
We are in the midst of Holy Week journeying toward our glorious Easter Day celebration. This is the time when the pressures of the world and the intensity of the Church’s calendar combine to challenge our Lenten discipline and intentions. But this is also the time to pay heed to Jesus’ invitation to ‘watch and pray with me’.
Take a moment right now to listen to that gracious invitation, and then ‘set your face like flint’ to travel with Jesus to Jerusalem and the cross, and onto the resurrection.
Let me remind us of the times of our services this week:
MAUNDY THURSDAY, Thursday, April 13 beginning at 6:00 pm in Knox’s Fellowship Hall.
If you have not yet responded to the Evite that was sent out last week, please do so now at this link: Maundy Thursday Dinner. This is the service that shapes the whole of Holy Week: we will reflect on the Passover and how Jesus utterly fulfills it on the cross; we will remember his purposeful actions at the table and font (washing of feet); and we will attempt to sense the struggle in the garden that opens our hearts to the depth of the cost of the cross.
​GOOD FRIDAY, Friday, April 14 beginning at 6:00 pm
We gather in our barren sanctuary to reflect on the Passion of Jesus according to John’ s Gospel. Then we express the depths of our hearts in the Solemn Collects,
​HOLY SATURDAY, Saturday, April 15 beginning at 9:00 am
We will gather on this ‘in-between-day’ to pray (Morning Prayer at 9:00 am) and then together restore the sanctuary to its glory for our Easter celebrations.
​EASTER DAY, Sunday, April 16 beginning at 10:15 am
I encourage us all to be present and ready for worship at 10:00 am. The children will gather in the Fellowship Hall in order to participate in the procession and to help us ‘Flower the Cross’. Please bring some cut flowers from your garden to give to the children to decorate the cross.​

​We have been praying during Lent asking God to place names of people on our hearts to share the good news of Christ crucified and exalted. These services are a great time to invite friends and neighbors to join us in worship.
Looking forward to a wonderful Holy Week.