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Employment Opportunities

Posted March 1, 2018

Christ the Redeemer is currently beginning the process of filling an Assistant to the Pastor position. If interested in exploring this position, please send your resume and a short letter indicating why you would be interested in such a position to the Rev. Dr. Brian Campbell
Job Description for an Assistant to the Pastor Position:
Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church
Norfolk, Virginia
Diocese of Christ Our Hope
Christ the Redeemer is a twelve-year-old church that began with the vision, “To Plant a Church and Spark a Movement’—that is, a vision to become a ‘Mother’ church in the city of Norfolk that seeks to plant ‘daughter’ churches throughout Hampton Roads (Norfolk is the business hub of the larger metropolitan area of Hampton Roads, Virginia; population 1.7 million).
Our Leadership Council has recently embraced a 3-5-year goal of seeking intentional and catalytic growth leading to the stability and permanence of the ‘Mother’ and the birth of a ‘daughter’ church.
To achieve this goal and fulfill this vision, we believe we need to add a gifted, missionally-minded, developmental and strategic leader to our team.
Primary Areas of Responsibility:
To catalyze our growth, working with and under the direction of our Rector, we need help in three primary areas:
First, in the strategic development of our lay ministries, especially in the development and equipping of leadership. To see catalytic growth we must develop a ‘Culture of Multiplication’, and believe we need another passionate and strategic leader to help us do so.
Second, to discern, connect, and lead us, individually and corporately, into our local holistic mission. We are known as a ‘Welcoming Community’ but struggle in being an ‘Engaging Community’. We need a leader who is gifted in and passionate for evangelism and kingdom-ministry, who will awaken, equip, and lead our members in such ministries.
Third, in the development of our discipling ministry to families with youth-aged children. We have a thriving children’s ministry but struggle to attract and retain families with youth-aged children. We need a leader to catalyze our approach to, and develop structures for, catechizing youth and supporting families of youth.
In short, these three prime responsibilities can be intricately connected: to develop and equip our members (and especially our leaders) for the multiplication of ministry, while connecting them to, and leading them in, our local mission generically, beginning with strengthening our ministry to youth and for families with youth, and our missional connection to families with youth -aged children.
Within the first six months of working within Christ the Redeemer, we will expect the Assistant to the Pastor, under the guidance and direction of the Rector, to:
  1. Conduct an analysis of our existing ministries focusing on the strengths and weaknesses associated with their ability to ‘multiply’ (that is, develop leadership for expanding ministry) and to be engaged appropriately in ‘local mission’;
  2. Craft a plan to strengthen existing ministries in terms of multiplication and missional engagement;
  3. Gather and engage with those within our community who are passionate for our youth seeking to craft an appropriate approach to the catechizing of youth and the supporting of families with youth; developing a plan of action to implement the approach; and take an initial lead in forming team(s) to act on the plan.
  4. Craft a plan, then gather and lead a team in an evangelistic ministry that would be attractive to parents of youth-aged children (eg. Marriage Alpha, etc).
We need a strong, passionate, gifted and proven leader with the following qualifications:
  • Willing and able to exercise diaconal or priestly duties and responsibilities within the Diocese of Christ our Hope;
  • Proven track record in evangelism, leadership development, and discipling of others;
  • Discerning assistant to the pastor, strategic developer, able mentor, and passionate missioner (One who can help THIS particular people, in this particular place, find and live into its particular God-given mission);
Our church needs a leader who is called primarily to the growth and building-up of Christ the Redeemer, Norfolk, but also secondarily to the Hampton Roads area long term. Our anticipated growth may open other exciting opportunities for further mission in the future (either within Christ the Redeemer or as part of a new church plant).
We believe we need a person who lives by faith and trusts in the provision of God. We believe that we need this position but realize that it will take a risk of faith on the part of our church and the assistant to achieve it. We need someone who will prayerfully join with us in discerning the parameters of that risk.
Make all inquiries to the Rev. Dr. Brian Campbell