Get Connected

When it comes to getting connected to a church community, there are generally two kinds of people:

Those who are ready and eager to jump in, and those who are wanting to test the waters. We welcome both types of people at Christ the Redeemer.

If you are ready to jump in, we’d encourage you to explore the various ministries and groups available at Christ the Redeemer and to consider strongly joining a Life group. Check out the Life Groups options here. There’s bound to be one to fit your interest and schedule.

If you wish to test the waters, we’d encourage you to do one or more of the following:

Join us in worship one Sunday (no better way of getting a feel of who we are);
Stick around for Coffee Hour and meet the CtR family over a cup of Rwandan coffee;
Try out a session of one of our Life Groups (these are always open to new people);
When you’re ready, attend one of our Newcomers’ Lunches held three times a year (these are geared to giving people a sense of our community and provide a great way of asking any questions you might have);
Again, once you are ready, feel free to attend our New Members’ Class held twice a year (these are geared to helping people discern whether membership within Christ the Redeemer is right for them).

If you have any questions we’d encourage you to contact our pastor, Brian Campbell, who’d love to have a cup of coffee with you or a chat on the phone. We are eager to help you ‘connect’ with our community in the most appropriate ways.