About Our Logo

CTR_email_footerThe logo for Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church is rendered in a stylized script or “signature.” This represents a unique and individual way to “sign” our name and build recognition within and without our church.

The “t” in the “CtR” signature forms a cross, the universal symbol of Christianity. It reminds us of God’s ultimate act of love, Christ’s sacrifice at Calvary.

The logo signature is held within a rectangle or box representing our time and place in history.
The logo is comprised of the liturgical colors of red, white and purple.  These colors are used for major seasons and celebrations during the church year on the altar and the vestments.

Red is the color of excitement, energy, power and all things intense and passionate. It is the color of the Holy Spirit. It represents the color of blood and fire. It is used on Palm Sunday and Pentecost.

Purple represents humility, repentance, wisdom and inward reflection. It is also the color of royalty. It is displayed during Advent and Lent.

White is the color of celebration, joy and peace. It symbolizes God’s greatest works in the world, His incarnation at Christmas and His triumph over sin and death at Easter. White is also the color of the final day of the church year, Christ the King Sunday.

Our motto or slogan, “we are because He is,” states in a simple and direct way our reason for being, corporately as a community of believers and interchanged individually with “i am because He is.”