Week of April 3–The Second Week of Easter

Dear Friends,
Considering that the Season of Advent lasts 4 weeks, the Season of Lent 6, and the Season of Easter a full seven weeks, which ‘Season’ of the Church’s year do you think is the most important?
We come once again to Eastertide, to the season where we celebrate the birth of God’s New Creation through the resurrection of Jesus and solidify our commitment to live within it. We begin that joyful task this week with a number of baptisms- Eva Brown, Emma Mabrey, Lily Mabrey, and Amelia Mabrey will be sacramentally united with the Risen Jesus and become members of his Body, the Church. Please pray for these children and their families and sponsors as they prepare for this great day.
If you are seeking a way actualize your commitment to live the new life why not consider joining a study or community group. Our two Women Study groups both begin a new study this month, our Men’s group continues to meet on the first and third Saturday’s of each month (this Saturday being the ‘next’ time for gathering), and our home groups are always open to new members (ask Lauren Gyorfi for more information on these gatherings).
It takes time, effort and much support to learn to live within God’s new world. Thank God that he has given us all that we need to do so!
Alleluia! Christ is Risen
The Lord is Risen indeed, Alleluia!