Week of June 4, 2017

Heading towards ‘Ordinary Time’
There is a definite rhythm to life: night and day, breathing in and breathing out, feasting and fasting.
We have just come through the great cycle of time associated with the “fullness of time”—the time when eternity entered into history, the Creator entered into his Creation, in order to fulfill his purpose for it and in it and through it. This cycle of time began with Lent, climaxed in the events of Holy Week, and then included the fifty days of celebration known as Eastertide.
Now we head into ‘Ordinary Time’, that season of the Church’s year when we seek to learn to live within that ‘fullness of time’; to live in accord with that fullness as revealed in and through Jesus, the Messiah of Israel.
There is great honor and dignity associated with ‘Ordinary Time’. It too is part of God’s plan for his creation, where we his Stewards, made-in- his-image and now being remade-into- the-Image- of-his- Son, fulfill our purpose within his partnership in and for his world. ‘Ordinary Time’ is OUR time, the time where we ‘manifest the manifold wisdom of God’ before the powers and dominions of this fallen age.
Let us enter this time joyfully, prayerfully, and confidently of the empowering presence of the Spirit of God.
Pentecost: We mark the end of Eastertide with the Celebration of the Feast of Pentecost. Father Jamal Scarlett will be preaching on Sunday. Please pray for Jamal+ as he prepares. And do remember to wear something ‘red’ in honor of the gift of the Spirit!
Some Things to Pray about: Can I ask for your prayers on a number of items:
  • First, for Janie Atwood and her family as they grieve the death of Janie’s brother John;
  • Second, for the search for our new Administrative Assistant (interviews begin today);
  • Third, for the Leadership Council as we gather on Saturday morning (9 am-1 pm) to take stock as to where ‘we are’ and to make plans for the next six months.
Looking forward to worshiping with you all on Sunday.