Week of September 30, 2018

Please be aware of the following this week:

 Our Annual Episcopal Visit:

The Rt. Rev. Quigg Lawrence and his wife Annette will be with us the weekend of October 5-7th, 2018. This annual visitation is a highlight of our year and vital to our development as a community of faith. Bishop Quigg will be spending time with our Leadership Council and Staff team on Saturday morning helping us develop strategies that will enable Spirit-directed growth. He will then spend some quality time individually with our clergy (the bishop is the pastor to pastors), and meet with the candidates for confirmation and baptism (Olivia O’Byrne will be confirmed on Sunday; David Thomas- son of Emilie and Jay- and Lewin Embry -son of Kori and Brad-will be baptized). Then on Saturday evening we will have a chance to  ‘Meet and Greet’ the bishop and his wife at a ‘Wine and Cheese’ event at the Campbell’s (Please remember to RSVP to the Evite sent out this past week). The weekend concludes on Sunday with a joyful worship service and reception.

Mark your calendars and plan on participating in the events of the weekend. Pray that God will bless this time with his presence and directing power.

Training Opportunity:

Would you like to feel more comfortable and confident talking with others about God, especially those who may be different than you culturally, religiously, or ethnically? Kurnia Foe of Global Student Fellowship is a gifted communicator of the gospel in cross cultural settings, and will be sharing insights with us at Christ the Redeemer in an upcoming training session. The date and time with more details to follow.

Children and Family Ministry Update:

Jennifer Brown has posted the Fall edition of the “Children and Family Ministry Corner” on the CtR Website – under the “Ministries” drop down menu, click on “Children’s Ministry.” All parents will benefit from the information she has posted.

Look forward to worshiping with you +