Exploring Membership

New “Exploring Membership” Class begins Sunday, April 30 at 9:00am

Membership within the “Church” takes place on three levels:

1. We are incorporated into the Universal Body through “Baptism”

2. We are drawn into our “Branch of the Family” (Anglican) via “Confirmation”

3. We are bonded together on a local level through our “Membership Covenant”

Presently at Christ the Redeemer, we combine our preparation for Confirmation and for Membership in our “Exploring Membership within Christ the Redeemer.” If you believe that God has drawn you to Christ the Redeemer and/or the Anglican family and desire both to deepen and to mark that connection, we encourage you to participate in one of our “Exploring Membership at Christ the Redeemer” courses. For more information please e-mail Brian Campbell or call the church office at 757-226-8700.

PP Jesus Washing Peter's Feet Brown