Daily Reading

The Daily Lessons:  Christ the Redeemer uses the Anglican Church in North America’s Daily Office lectionary for our daily readings and devotions. You can find the Daily Office here.

If you have a new (2019) Book of Common Prayer the readings can be found on page 738. If you do not have a new Prayer Book there are many phenomenal online options to access the readings and offices (see below).

Following the Lectionary will ensure that “‘the whole of Holy Scripture (or the greatest part thereof)’ will be read each year” (BCP, 736). However, if you would prefer to read the Bible in two years, our Bishops commend the practice of reading Morning Prayer in odd years and Evening Prayer on even years.

Online Resources:

Website: https://www.dailyoffice2019.com
Very easy to use and read website that updates all of the office and readings based on settings you customize yourself.

App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/daily-prayer-app/id1437016829 (Daily Prayer App).
Abbreviated forms of the offices and readings that follow the ACNA lectionary.

Website: http://bcp2019.com
Very similar to DailyOffice2019.com, but less customizable.

Website: http://bcp2019.anglicanchurch.net/index.php/downloads/
The entire text of the new Prayer Book if you would prefer to search out the BCP yourself.

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