Youth Ministry

What’s going on with the Youth at Christ the Redeemer?

Our congregation meets every week for worship. We are a liturgical church that uses the lectionary for preaching and teaching. Hopefully parents and teens will be able to have great conversations about what each learned that morning.

Church-wide Events and the Life of the Church:
We are big believers in having our youth involved in the ministries and mission of the church as a whole. For example, our youth are encouraged to use their gifts, talents, and passions in a wide variety of ministries: the worship band, reading scripture during worship, operating the soundboard, helping with church-wide events, etc. These are all ways that encourage and enable our youth to build relationships with other members and prevent them from disappearing into a sub-culture. Our hope is that the relationships they establish will help them connect with and transition into the life of the church even after high school. So, with any of our Servant Evangelism Projects or other church wide events, we value and encourage the presence and help of the youth.