Discipleship Hour

Discipleship Hour: Sundays 11:15-noon

At Christ the Redeemer we are committed to being a community of “Disciples who Make Disciples.” Eager to deepen that commitment, a ‘Discipleship Hour’ for adults, youth and children  will take place prior to worship seasonally each week.


  • Adult – Being the Bad Guy: understanding this cultural moment and learning to be faithful within it.

  • Youth: Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk: looking at the Ten Commandments as the compass of our life in Christ.

  • Children: In order for children to understand what Faith is, they need to be able to make sense of the Bible.  Previously, during Discipleship Hour we went through the “What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver” series written by Phil Vischer.  In this series, we learned how the Bible was written and put together, how the Old and New Testament are connected, and the truth and lessons it conveys.  The kids learned the names of the books as well.  If your child was not a part of this group, or you would like to revisit the series, it can be streamed on Mr.PhilTv.com

    The next step then is to look at how the Bible’s teachings should shape our everyday life.  We are going to be using the “Mr. Phil Show” by Phil Vischer to continue our journey to understand what a Faith-filled life looks like.  Each Sunday, we will watch a video segment that discusses a book of the Bible and then introduces the kids to a person from history whose faith affected them, and they lived.  We will then follow this with discussion time and activities to reinforce what we have learned.

    The first 8-week segment will touch on the books of Genesis-Ruth and will also focus on the New Testament book of 1 John.  We will also be learning about the following 8 people from history: Rosa Parks, G.K. Chesterton, St. Augustine, Florence Nightingale, St. Francis, Fanny Crosby, Henri Dunant, Mother Teresa.

For more information or to sign up, contact our parish administrator.