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Discipleship Hour

Discipleship Hour 9:00 am-10:00 am (September through December 9, 2018, and January 13, 2019 through May)
Worship at 10:15 am
At Christ the Redeemer discipleship is taken seriously. We are committed to being a community of “Disciples who Make Disciples.” Eager to deepen that commitment, a ‘Discipleship Hour’ for adults, youth and children  will take place prior to worship seasonally each week.


BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 9, 2018 two adult Discipleship Hour Classes are meeting:

Class 1. “Managing Your Finances God’s Way” is a Crown Financial Ministries course, taught by Bob Atwood. Lesson Topics include “The Big Picture,” “Dedicate It All to God,” “Plan Your
Spending,” “Giving As An Act of Worship,” “God’s Solution to Debt,” and “Enjoy What God has Given.”

Class 2. “Understanding the Old Testament” is a “CASKET” series course taught by David Watts. Join others and spend 13 weeks studying the unfolding drama of God’s plan of redemption
through the Old Testament. A book and timeline will be available for purchase.


The Jesus Storybook Bible Where Every Story Whispers His Name

The key to raising our children to be Christ-followers is to ensure that they know the Story of the Scriptures and how to live within it!  Jennifer Brown has been leading the children through The Jesus Storybook Bible, “Where Every Story Whispers His Name.”
Please note, we will continue with our regular Sunday School classes during the Worship hour for the present time. However, these will now be geared towards reinforcing the lessons learned during the ‘Discipleship Hour’.  Your children will be doubly blessed by engaging in both programs.

Please Note:  The Nursery will be open during Discipleship Hour for all children younger than pre-school age.