Who are Anglicans?

We are Christians who trace our spiritual heritage to the Church of England. We incorporate elements of both Catholic tradition and Protestant belief, recognizing the Church as one under the lordship of Jesus. We are also ‘small c’ catholic, proclaiming the whole of the faith to all people, and apostolic in our role of carrying out Christ’s mission.

What is the Liturgy?

Whenever we gather for worship, we follow the biblical pattern known as the liturgy. It provides the template for the proper order of the elements of worship and binds us to all Christians across the globe who follow this same pattern.

Why is there Communion every Sunday?

We follow Christ’s command – and privilege – to partake of this holy Sacrament ‘as often’ as we gather together for worship. Communion has been the unbroken and historical practice of the Church since its earliest days.

What is the significance of the vestments worn by the clergy?

The white robe places less visual emphasis on the individual and more on God. The sash, or stole, is worn by ordained ministers as a sign of their office. A cape-like chasuble is worn over the robe for the celebration of Communion. The different colors signify the various liturgical seasons:

White for Christmas and Easter
Purple for Advent and Lent
Red for Pentecost, Palm Sunday, saints’ days
Green for ‘Ordinary Time

Why is the Gospel lesson read from the middle of the church?

Reading the Gospel in the midst of the congregation symbolizes Jesus coming into the world.

What are ‘Healing Prayers’?

Following Communion, anyone in the congregation may come forward to receive a prayer for ‘healing of mind, body or soul’ and anointing with oil in the sign of a cross on the forehead.

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