Rwandan Coffee Ministry

1000HILLS_LOGO_NEW_VThat delicious aroma that greets you on Sunday mornings is Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee perking! We use LOTH coffee exclusively at CTR because we wish to support the reconciliation and redemption efforts in genocide-ravaged Rwanda. The Land of a Thousand Hills motto, Drink Coffee. Do Good, only begins to tell the story of what started when Rev. Jonathan Golden of St. Peter’s Place, Roswell, Georgia, learned from Bishop John Rucyahana of Ruhengheri, Rwanda, about how earning a living wage and having micro-finance loans available could help heal the wounds of the Rwandan people. Because PEARUSA is the missionary arm of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, finding ways to serve our brothers and sisters in Africa while we reach out to the unchurched in the USA is part of our DNA. And this way is SO EASY! And the coffee is SO GOOD!

So enjoy a great cup of coffee on Sunday morning, buy Rwandan coffee at the church or through Land of a Thousand Hills to enjoy at home, give Rwandan coffee as a gift, take some to work and share it there–do whatever you can to support this great ministry. Visit Land of a Thousands Hills to learn more about what LOTH is doing and know that you have “bean” part of it!

Questions? Want to place an order? Contact our Coffee Ambassador at

CTR LTH CoffeeBag and Cup