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Mbyo Parish, Rwanda

As Anglicans we are already connected to the universal Church through our membership within the Anglican Communion.  However, we at Christ the Redeemer are doubly blest to be associated the the Anglican Church in Rwanda (PEAR) through our membership within PEARUSA (the ‘Missionary Jurisdiction’ of PEAR in the USA).  We rejoice in our Rwandan connections in many ways.

As members of PEARUSA we are integrally connected to the Anglican Church in Rwanda. We have a developing relationship with Mbyo parish in the Diocese of Kigali, Rwanda. Mbyo was the site of some of the worst atrocities associated with the genocide in 1994 AND with some of the most amazing stories of reconciliation, forgiveness, and hope that have been birthed in that country by the grace of God.  We have been blessed to visit Mbyo and to have welcomed their Bishop, Louis Muvunyi, to Norfolk and Christ the Redeemer. We have been honored to help them develop their Cow Project (the purchase of 5 cows and a bull, land for pasture, and the ability to hire a shepherd – a project that will over time transform the economy of their entire area) and are helping Bishop Louis develop similar projects in each of his 50 churches. We have much to learn from them in becoming people of forgiveness and reconciliation. Our next trip to Mbyo will take place this July.

Contacts: Jane Duffey and Rob Slaughter

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