Week of May 22 of Easter

Hey Folks

As we head towards the weekend let me remind you of the special reception that will follow our worship on Sunday. We have the chance to ‘welcome back’ Emily Louise and Charles Zimbrick-Rogers and to ‘Welcome to the World’ their new baby, Louisa.  Emily and Charles (and Louisa) are house-hunting this weekend and will return to Norfolk in July. Charles will be assigned to the Navy Hospital in Portsmouth and Emily will join us as in intern (part of her requirement for the M.Div. program at Princeton Seminary).
If you would like to help with the reception please contact Janis (janiscampbell58@gmail.com). Some of us will be bringing ‘shower gifts’ to welcome Louisa (and help out Mom and Dad), but all of us are welcomed and encouraged to come to join in on the celebration.
One other item today: We are making progress on the new room renovation but still need some help with painting. A few tasks remain: one, we need to finish ‘cutting in’ the ceiling paint all around the room; we need to put the second coat on the baseboards and doors and windows; and we need to do some touch up on the walls. If you could donate some time to the project over the next week we should be able to get the painting done in the next week. Then we will clean the floors, wire for AC and move in some furniture and we will be good to go!
If you can lend a hand please let Clark (clarkgarvin@cox.net) or Janie (maryjaneatwood@gmail.com) know.
Looking forward to worshiping with you on Sunday.

Brian Campbell

Rector of Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church