Week of January 17

Dear Friends
It is still early in the new year and there is time to become intentional about making a new start! Here are some suggestions for you to consider:

New (or Continuing) Study Groups:

There are two Women’s groups starting up this week (which means that next week they begin in earnest) which would love to have you join them. The Wednesday Evening group meets at Temple Richardson’s home beginning at 7 pm. They will be starting a seven week course studying Angie Smith’s Seamless (t.richardson@cox.net). The Thursday Morning group meets at the church beginning at 9:15 am. They will begin a new study on the book Fervent beginning in earnest next week. (janiscampbell58@gmail.com).
The Men’s group meets on the First and Third Saturdays of the month beginning at 8:30 am. We continue our study of Scot McNight’s The Jesus Creed (but you can join in at any time!).

Opportunity to Serve:

Five Loaves Food Pantry (Brother Tim’s ministry in Newport News) needs some help on Monday, January 18 beginning at 9:00 am. The Pantry is located in Olivet Christian Church at 14425 Old Courthouse Way in Newport News. Jennifer Brown is organizing this event (brownie7506@yahoo.com).

Preparing for Lent:

Lent starts early this year (Ash Wednesday is February 10!) Here is how you can begin to prepare to make it a great season:
First, bring in your old palm crosses from last year’s Palm Sunday service. We will be burning them for the ashes for our Ash Wednesday service early this year! Baskets will be provided at the sanctuary entrance beginning this Sunday.
Second, plan now on coming to our Intergenerational Lenten Event on Saturday, February 6 (from 5-7 pm). We will have our Pancake Supper that night (we are making Shrove Tuesday a ‘movable feast’ this year!), enjoy our annual ‘Talent Show’, have several tables with suggestions for Lent for families available, and burn the ashes for the service on the following Wednesday night.

Some Significant News:

Finally, there are several significant things happening around CtR that you may be interested in:
First, the Primates of the Anglican Communion continue to meet in Lambeth this week. This is an important and potentially pivotal moment in the life of the larger Church. Continue to pray for all involved but especially the GAFCON Primates as they seek God’s direction.
Second, we are about to begin our Confirmation process for several of our teens in early February. This will be the first, formal attempt at helping our young people grow into a more mature way of being, thinking, and living christianly. I am excited about the process and ask that you pray for all involved in it.
Third, finally some personal news. I have finally completed my dissertation for my Doctor of Ministry degree. The date set for my defense is Monday, February 15. Lord willing, this long journey will come to a grace-filled end that day.
Have a great week. I look forward to worshiping with you all on Sunday.