Week of January 20th, 2019

As we approach the Second Sunday after Epiphany, here are some things to keep in mind for this week:

First, one of our neighbors is in desperate need of a bed, box spring, and dressers. If you have any of these items and are willing to donate them, please contact Deacon David at david@christtheredeemer.org . Thank you!

Second, DISCIPLESHIP HOUR began last Sunday and if you’re wondering… no, it is not too late for you to sign up! All of the Discipleship Hour classes begin at 9am.

For Adults, there are two class options:

  • Exploring Membership at Christ the Redeemer (in Office Space): If you are new to CtR but believe that God may be uniting you to, and with this community, you are encouraged to come and discover the context for ‘who’ and ‘where’ we are as a community of faith.
  • Survey of the New Testament (in Fellowship Hall): The Story of the Scripture is not only the ‘Story of the world’, but, the ‘Story of OUR lives’!  In order to live out of this story we need to deepen our knowledge of it. This class will offer an entry level overview of the New Testament.

And for Youth:

  • David Watts and the Youth Team will lead a Youth Discipleship Hour. All youth 6th grade to 12th grade are invited to come and interact with the scope of scripture and church history up until today.

For Children:

  • Toddlers through fifth grade will continue exploring the Jesus Storybook Bible. Children’s Choir will meet the last 15 minutes each week.

*Quick note: the New Members and Youth classes require regular attendance, but the New Testament class sessions stand on their own, so please come as you are able!* 

Third, our next youth social outing is this Saturday, January 19th from 7:15-9:30 pm. We will meet at Chilled Ponds for some ice skating and dessert. Youth from 6th-12th grade are welcome to join, and encouraged to bring friends! Parents, please respond to the Evite, or email Dn. David at david@christtheredeemer.org if you haven’t received an Evite.

Fourth, the Diocese of Christ Our Hope will hold its Southeast region retreat on February 7-9 in Raleigh. The registration for this 2019 Diocesan Regional Retreat closes at the end of the month, January 31st. For more details and to register, see the Diocesan website: www.adhope.org/2019-regional-retreats .

Hope you are having a wonderful week!