Week of January 22nd

Dear Friends
Let me begin this Update with some great news:
First, Join me in welcoming into the world and into our community Henry Dickens, firstborn son of Lee Hanna and Steven Dickens. Henry was born yesterday at 2:30 pm (7lbs 4 oz., 21 inches, and healthy). Please rejoice with the Dickens’ at the good news.
Second, Our Second Session of our new ‘Discipleship Hour’ takes place on Sunday. Here is the schedule once again:
  • 8:45 am Coffee
  • 9:00 am ‘Discipleship Hour’ Classes (adults, children, youth)
  • 10:15 am Worship
  • 11:45 am Fellowship Time
​It is not too late to join in on the sessions. Make an intention and set your alarm and we’ll see you on Sunday.
Third, Our first Annual Regional Gathering within Diocese of Christ our Hope takes place in Raleigh, NC on February 10 -​11 (noon to noon). These gatherings will center on resourcing all of our churches in terms of ministry and teaching (ministry training sessions on Friday afternoon, Workshops dealing with issues of human sexuality on Saturday morning). Billets in homes (parishioners of Church of the Apostles) are available in order to make the event cost effective. More information can be found on the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall.
Lastly, per Knox’s request, please refrain from parking on 37th Street on the side nearest the building and the upper third of 37th Street (the end nearest Colonial Avenue), as well as in the spots in the parking area on the other side of the church that are designated “Knox” parking (the spots immediately adjacent to the building).  We appreciate your attentiveness to this matter.
Looking forward to worshiping with you on Sunday.