Week of June 10, 2018

This Week at Christ the Redeemer
Janis and I leave for D.C. today and for Israel tomorrow (thus the need to get this update out on Wednesday rather than Thursday). We begin our trip with a tour of the Holy Land led by one of the bishops of ACNA, and then end the trip with the GAFCON conference. (I am one of the delegates from our diocese attending this event.) Please pray for all who are travelling to Israel and especially for those attending the conference, that God would be powerfully present and active for the sake of His church.
GAFCON have published a pdf prayer guide: GAFCON Fuel For Prayer guide. As a reminder, you can also follow the conference through these channels:
Twitter: @Gafconference @the_ACNA #Gafcon2018;
Facebook: @Gafconference @TheAnglicanChurch;
ACNA: www.anglicanchurch.net/index.php/main/Gafcon_Jerusalem/
The GAFCON website: Gafcon.org. You can also sign up for email updates through the GAFCON website.
Here are some of the (other) things you need to be aware of this week:
First, some Pastoral news:
  • Lytton Musselman received a great report yesterday during his follow-up appointment. The tumor that was removed showed no malignancy and he was given permission to return to life as normal (though he is still bothered by some double vision that is being addressed). Praise God with the Musselman’s and continue to ask for full restoration for Lytton.
  • Bill Richter is scheduled for surgery on Friday to remove a chip near his spinal cord. Please keep Bill and Linda in your prayers as they prepare for the surgery (and the recovery time).
  • Emilie Thomas is eagerly awaiting the birth of “David.” Please pray that she begins labor naturally this week, and look forward to meeting our newest member in the weeks ahead.
Second, some Graduate news:
We have had several students graduate from high school or university this last month. Please join me in congratulating them (and their families) on this milestone event in their lives and pray for God’s continued blessing in whatever is next for each of them):
Caleb Brown – graduated from high school and Plans to attend TCC in the Autumn.
Max Johnson –  graduated from Norfolk Christian and plans to attend James Madison University in the Autumn.
Ali Sherrill – graduated from Norfolk Christian (as Valedictorian) and plans to attend the University of South Carolina in the Autumn.
Will Spivey – graduated from Norfolk Academy and plans to attend the University of Georgia in the Autumn.
Charlie Spivey – graduated from the University of Virginia this Spring.
Third, this Sunday is Youth Sunday at CtR:
Jennifer Brown and all the children would like to thank those who serve in the children’s ministry. As their way of saying thanks, they will be serving us. The following children will be serving Sunday:
Ushers: Sammie Inman, Ruby Shellock, Hannah Sherrill and Johnny Maas
Readers: Caleb and Micah Gyorfi, Miloh Embry and Eva Brown
Offertory Music: Ethan Inman
Prayers of the People: Jasper Embry
Fourth, some news on our search:
It is with great pleasure that I announce that the Rev. David Watts has accepted our offer to become the Assistant to the Rector. Many of you may have met David when he was here over the weekend of Pentecost. He is a deacon within the ACNA ordained within the Jurisdiction of the Armed Forces, as well as a current member of one of our sister churches in the diocese, Church of the Cross in Boston, Mass. David plans on relocating to Norfolk this summer and expects to begin his ministry among and with us on August 1, 2018. Please pray for David in this transition time, and remember to give thanks for the directing and blessing of God in and through the process.​