Week of May 14, 2017

[NB: Due to a technical error, this note was not distributed last week. It has been reposted here for your information. –Webmaster]
Dear Friends
As we continue our celebration of the New Creation inaugurated by the resurrection of Jesus, we are preparing for several important events in the life of our community;
First, we are preparing for Baptisms on Sunday, May 28th. The dates for the preparation for the baptisms have now been set (Saturday May 20 and May 27). This is the last call for those considering seeking the sacrament for themselves or their children. Please speak to Brian+ on Sunday if you are ready to act.
Second, we are preparing for our Vacation Bible School (June 26-30). Jennifer is still looking for two volunteers to head up the Mission and Games stations for the week, as well as others to lend a hand as needed. If you have promised to bring in some materials needed for the week, please remember to bring them on Sunday. Please make the VBS a part of your intercessions–the best we can do in preparing for the week!
Third, the dates (and plans) for our trip to Rwanda this summer have been set ( August 2-11). We will be able to see the School building we helped fund as well as take the monies for the next installment of the project (rooms 3 and 4!). We will also bring together agricultural experts from ECHO with the farmers of Mbyo (thanks to Rob Slaughter for arranging this). Bishop Louis is excited about this venture, and it promises to be as equally helpful for our brothers and sisters in Mbyo as the advances in education. Finally, we will have a chance to meet with our Compassion children (and those in Mbyo sponsored by others in our community). All in all, it promises to be a great trip.
What we need now is for those who have been considering being part of the trip to commit to doing so. Please speak to Rob Slaughter ASAP if you are planning on joining in on the fun.
Lastly, there are still a couple of slots left on the “Take Them a Meal” sign-up page for Anne Reed Harper, as she is recovering from knee replacement surgery.  If you would like to sign up to take a meal to her, please go to this link: takethemameal.com
Looking forward to worshiping with you all on Sunday.