Week of October 1 of Pentecost

Dear Friends

On this first day of the month we look forward to a great weekend together. Here is what you need to know (and to respond to as needed) this week:

Exploring Membership at CtR:   Our New Members’ Class begins this Sunday with dinner at our home (1019 Manchester, Norfolk VA 23508 from 5;00 pm to 8;00 pm). If you have not yet responded to the invitation and would like to participate in the class (and the dinner!) would you kindly RSVP by Friday afternoon at the latest (just ‘respond’ to this email).

Men’s Group this Saturday (8:30 – 10:00 am):  Our Men’s group begins again this Saturday and we plan on meeting on the First and Third Saturdays of the month through December. Our focus will be on Peter Walker’s book, The Jesus Way (but you do not need to have the book to come on Saturday).

Ministry Fair on Sunday after Worship:  All of us have been gifted by God and designed to ‘serve’ for the ‘common good’.  If you have not yet found your place of service within Christ the Redeemer you will have a chance to speak with the various ministry leaders among us during coffee hour after worship.

Network Retreat (November 20-22): Just a reminder that if you are considering attending our Network retreat in November (outside of Harrisonburg, VA) the deadline for the ‘early bird’ price is October 15. Pick up a brochure on Sunday or contact Cheryl in the office (ctrsec@gmail.com or 757-226-8700).

Sermon Series on Philippians:  We continue with our study of Philippians this week by looking at one of the greatest sections of the New Testament – Philippians 2:5-11. Take a moment this week and read prayerfully this powerful text and come prepared to engage with it in worship on Sunday.

Have a great and glorious week.
Brian Campbell