Week of Sunday, June 30th, 2019

Dn. David’s Ordination, and Confirmations this Sunday!

Bishop Mike Williams from the Special Jurisdiction of Armed Forces and Chaplaincy will be joining us for the Ordination of Deacon David Watts and the Confirmations of the following individuals: Rachel Inman, Emma Maas, Jackson Maas, Ezekiel Mabus, Nathan Scarlett, Sydney Scarlett, Ben Snodgrass, and Esther Snodgrass.  

Thank you to all of you who responded to the survey to help track attendance for the service; it looks like we’re going to have a packed house. Plan to arrive early to find a seat!

For those who will be Confirmed, please attend the rehearsal on Saturday at 3:00pm. Confirmands, as well as all those involved in the service (readers, presenters, etc.), are also expected to arrive an hour early on Sunday morning, by 9:15am

Parents, Please Read!

Since we are planning for this Sunday to be a longer service, there will be an extended pre-Children’s Church time. The Ordination and Confirmations will be taking place before the reading of Scripture, so kids ages 4 through 5th grade will not be dismissed until after the Ordination, Confirmation and the Lessons. The Nursery (ages 0 to 3) will be open, as usual, starting at the beginning of the service. Please plan to arrive early in order to check-in your children for the Nursery. 

Speaking of check-in, we have recently installed a Parent Alert Visual Pager in the Sanctuary (near the Exit sign to the left of the altar). This will be used to communicate to parents of children in the Nursery should there be any reason for you to come retrieve your children before the usual time (during Passing of the Peace). The numbered tag given to you at the Children’s Check-in Table will be the same number that will show up on the Alert Monitor, if your child is needing to be picked up early. If you have any questions about this, please email Sydney at admin@christtheredeemer.org. 

One last thing, if  you need to step out of the service for any reason, the service is “piped in” to the Fellowship Hall. This set-up was created in order for you to still be able to listen in to the service while tending to your kids, family members, or any other personal matter. 

International Student Request

An international student friend of Hank Thompson is looking to purchase a used vehicle. If you have any information of a good used vehicle, please contact Hank immediately at (757) 277-4059. Thank you!

Youth Ministry’s End of Year Event

Saturday, July 6th, 6:00pm at the Inman’s (new) House.

Join us for a time for family of youth, youth, and their friends to socialize, celebrate, worship, and prayerfully send off those who are leaving. Please RSVP through the Evite (if you haven’t received it, please email Sydney at admin@christtheredeemer.org).

Looking forward to a wonderful celebration on Sunday!