Week of July 3 of Pentecost

Dear Friends

As we all keep an eye on ‘Arthur’ and prepare for the holiday weekend let me bring you up to speed on the details for our ‘Yard Sale for Rwanda’ on Saturday:

First, if you have some items to donate for the sale you can drop them off this afternoon (between 1:30 and 3:30 pm) or tomorrow afternoon (1;00 to 3:00 pm).

Second, if you have some time tomorrow afternoon between 1 and 3 to help us organize the items for the sale we could use your help. Simply show up and someone will put you to work (What a great way to wait out the storm!)

Third, if you are free Jordan and the team would love your help with the sale itself. We will meet at the church at 8:00 am and begin to set up for a start of 9;00 am. Whatever is not sold by noon will be given away so the ‘clean up’ will simply be to move the plastic tables back upstairs.

The sale’s proceeds will help defray the costs for the trip to Rwanda later this month and will be a great way to meet some neighbors – always a good thing to do for those who are called to ‘love our neighbor as ourselves’.

Have a great, safe, and blessed weekend. See you in worship on Sunday.

Brian Campbell