Week of October 7, 2018

This Week at Christ the Redeemer
When the calendar changes to October, even if the temperatures have not dropped, Fall is definitely here! Let me share with you what is happening this month around Christ the Redeemer:
First, Our Annual Episcopal Visit takes place this weekend, October 5-7.  Bishop Quigg and Annette Lawrence arrive Friday afternoon for a full weekend of activities. Janis and I will host them for dinner Friday night, then on Saturday morning the bishop will lead our Leadership Council and Staff in a discussion centered on the question-‘How do we best organized and staff for growth (in order to fulfill the vision God has given to us)?’. Saturday afternoon Bishop Quigg will meet individually with members of the clergy team (as pastor-to-the-pastors) and then with the families of those being baptized on Sunday (the Adams’, the Embry’s, the Thomas’) and with our confirmand, Olivia O’byrne. We will then host a ‘Wine and Cheese/Meet and Greet’ at our home Saturday evening (please RSVP to Janis-janiscampbell58@gmail.com). Sunday will climax the weekend with our worship (including the baptisms and confirmation) and conclude with a reception immediately following the service.
Please pray for God’s blessing on the weekend.
Second, A Training Opportunity:  On Saturday, October 13 from 9 am to noon, Kurnia Foe (Global Student Fellowship) will lead a workshop on cross-cultural conversations (that hopefully may lead to the sharing of the gospel). Kurnia is a gifted evangelist and communicator who excels in helping Christians gain confidence in sharing their faith. If you have a heart to see your neighbors come to faith, plan now on attending the workshop.
Third, A Missional Opportunity: It is time for Ghent Area Ministry’s Thanksgiving Food Baskets!  GAM is asking each sponsoring church to provide 20 baskets this year. We are asking each home group to pledge to provide 2 baskets each (Deadline for making the pledge is October 14, deadline for fulfilling the pledge is November 4). Details concerning the ‘baskets’ are available on the Missions table in the Fellowship Hall.
If you are not in a home group, or if your family would like to provide one of these baskets by yourselves, please pick up a flyer and inform Anne R. Harper of your decision.
Fourth, Notice of a Parent’s Meeting: On Sunday, October 21, immediately following worship Jennifer will convene a meeting for all parents of children under the age of 18. Please mark this day and time on your calendar and make every effort to be present.
Fifth, Men’s Group Organizational Meeting takes place on Tuesday, October 16, from 7:00-8:30 pm at Taste Unlimited (407 W. 21st St Norfolk). We’ll have a chance to catch up with one another and then make plans for meeting for the rest of the fall.
Let us continue to pray that the Lord will ‘establish the work of our hands’ and bless us with his presence and his power in all that we do.
Looking forward to worshiping with you all on Sundayl